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Av Vilhelmina - 8 februari 2007 17:05

From the back cover:What happens when you do all the wrong things for all the right reasons?As an assistant district attorney, Nina Frost prosecutes the sort of crimes that tear families apart. But when Nina and her husband discover that their five-year-old son Nathaniel has been sexually abused, it is her own family that is devastated. The world Nina inhabits now seems different from the one she lived in yesterday; the lines between family and professional life are erased; and the answers to questions she thought she knew are no longer easy to find. Overcome by anger and desperate for vengeance, Nina ignites a battle that may cause her to lose the very thing she's fighting for. "At the heart of this enjoyable novel are two gripping questions: how can you mange to be a good parent in difficult circumstances, and what happens when you take action that's morally right but legally wrong." Eithne Farry, Daily Mail.Jodi Picoult is the author of "My sister's keeper", a Richard and Judy Best Read of 2005. Her other novels include Plain Truth, Canishing Acts, Salem Falls, The Pact, Keeping Faith, Mercy and The Tenth Circle.

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